Herd History.

A commercial herd of Poll Herefords has been bred on Guilford, and properties run in conjunction, by the Davie 

 family since 1948, after the purchase of Hereford females at the “Lawrenny” dispersal sale. 

 Bulls for private sale were originally bred from this herd. Private sales started in 1970. 

 This led to the formation of our first on property bull sale in 1975. 

 A stud herd was founded in 1976 based on cows from the dispersal sales of CFB, Evercreech and Kildrummie Poll Hereford Studs. 

 Stud sires to make an impact on the herd in the last twenty five years include Lyn Ridge Tory, Taradale Bandito C55, 

 Bruron Comstock, Guilford Govern, Allendale Epic, Wirreanda Allison G12, and Heatherdale Sargent L64. 

 Sires used more recently with great sucess include, GK Beaudacious 82C (& sons), Doonbiddie Inwest, 

 4K Survivor, Bobanken Southern Cross S48 and Allendale Landlord 3.

 Current sires breeding very well include Mt. Raven Hijacker W36, Debarry Eden, Guilford Zeus Z1, Heatherdale Territory A62.

 We now join 180 stud females and 380 commercial females each year. Bulls from the stud herd are used in the 

 commercial herd. This allows us to assess the performance of our bulls and makes us aware of the important commercial traits that need to be maintained or strengthened when selecting our stud sires.

 At Guilford our breeding aims have always been to produce sound, easy-doing, well muscled, long, growthy, dark coated cattle with red hooded eyes. They are also easy calving, good milking, good temperament, and of optimum size and maturity type, with the ability to finish for all markets. This equates to bulls that will produce the greatest return with the least inputs for our customers.